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Photo de la cavalière Charlotte Chalvignac Vesin sur son cheval lors d'un concours

Charlotte Chalvignac-Vesin

“Charlotte Chalvignac-Vesin embodies an equestrian success story, going from humble beginnings to international fame in dressage. With her husband, she transformed a property in Mayenne into a haven for horses, complete with simple but effective facilities. The couple juggles daily management of the stable and international competitions, while attaching paramount importance to the well-being of their animals.

Originally from a disadvantaged urban environment, Charlotte developed her passion for horses since childhood, despite humble beginnings. Her atypical career path saw her leave school at 14 to devote herself entirely to horses, juggling odd jobs and service exchanges to finance her passion. His experience has forged a strong character and unfailing determination.

His rise in the world of dressage has been meteoric, marked by national and international successes with horses such as Lights of Londonderry. Despite the challenges encountered, particularly during the European Championships in Rotterdam, she was able to stay the course and learn valuable lessons from each event.

After a year marked by the sale of her Grand Prix horses, Charlotte is entering a new chapter in her career, focused on training promising young horses. His long-term goal is clear: to represent France at the Los Angeles Olympic Games. Her remarkable journey is a testament to her passion, resilience and determination to continually push the boundaries in the demanding world of dressage. »
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