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Diane Riggaz

Diane Riggaz

“Diane, 40 years old, I am a rider, teacher and breeder in Vaucluse (84). Since my childhood, my passion for horses has never left me. I started riding pony at the age of 4 in a leisure-oriented club. Despite a few interruptions, I took up horse riding again during my agricultural high school years, with the dream of making this passion my profession.

In 2012, I took the plunge by purchasing my first broodmare to launch my breeding of Hanoverian horses. I also trained to become a riding instructor, initially with the intention of running an equestrian club. However, after completing my training, I decided to create my own owners' stable in 2015, alongside my breeding activity. Despite the challenges encountered, particularly the difficulties of breeding, I persevered in my passion.

In 2022, I took a break by renting out my stable to focus more on my own horses and my riding career. I have also handed over my aging broodmares and plan to return to breeding in the future. Currently, I am playing on the Elite and Pro 2 amateur circuit, hoping to present my young horses on the SHF circuit this year. »

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